Female Entrepreneurs in Creative Industries

BKB are delighted to host our very first event with three artists, Taine King, Emma Synott and Teodora Urdeva. They will discuss their respective practices and how they have worked to where they are today, the challenges they have faced as women entrepreneurs and how they balance work and personal life while following a passion. Read some information about the three speakers below.

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Emma Synnott is a well established Irish photographer with a huge passion for quality content.

With a diverse background, Emma began in the world of freelance photography after graduating with a BA Hons. in Digital Media in 2013 mid-recession. Upon attending the Web Summit in 2014, Emma was introduced to Accenture and joined their Irish Marketing Team working on digital marketing and content for a number of their high profile projects - while also working part-time on her photography.
Emma took the leap in early 2019 to pursue her passion full-time. Emma also consults with small and large businesses on quality content.

As of November 2017, Emma sits on the Interview Board for the Creative Digital Media Degree (TUD). 

Emma is a strong advocate for Brain Tumour Ireland and sits on their working team, and in her spare time loves to travel and is a huge music fan.

Emma has a joint exhibition with Deb Fanning Millinery coming up on the 1st November in Crow Street, Temple Bar. The theme 'Til Death Do Us Part' will showcase editorial imagery of Deb Fanning's pieces. 'We decided to work on a project together that would help us to express grief we felt when we recently both lost our Dads, and by using our creative abilities, focus on opening and normalizing a healthy conversation around grief.'

Born and raised in Co. Monaghan in Ireland, fashion, film, and portrait photographer, Táine King is one of Ireland's most exciting talents at this moment. Driven and focused on producing creative visions, her work has blossomed over the past ten years. Along with creating powerful visuals Táine has also recently branched out into the film industry and has continued to flex her creative muscles by working with leading actors, producers, and directors. Her work in the film industry has quickly made waves as Táine's work has been acknowledged by film festivals from around the globe, in 2015, her fashion film 'Embryo' was aired at Milan Fashion Film Festival and Berlin fashion film festival. She has produced a short film 'Fingerprints' with Award winning director Jimmy Smallhorne that was selected by the Oscar qualifying festival In Galway (The Galway Film Fleadh) and Boston Film Festival. In 2015 Táine was also producing her first feature film which also made the Oscar qualifying festival In Galway (The Galway Film Fleadh) in 2017 along with qualifying for Boston, Cap Cod, Mexico, Portugal film festivals in 2018 .

Táine has now branched out into directing and in the last 2 years her films have made it to more Oscar qualifying festivals. In 2019 her first short documentary 'Making Tom' has been selected by numerous festivals in Ireland and around the world and her fashion film The Holy Ghost was selected by Berlin Commercial in Germany and shortlisted for an emerging talent award at the festival where her film was in the same category as American Apparel, Hermés, Stella McCartney and Adidas. 

Táine is also a advocate for females within the film industry. Táine wants to encourage more women to pick up cameras and direct their stories. She has spoke at numerous events about the need for production companies and agencies to nurture and work with more female crews, writers and directors.

Táine is recognised for her individual style, along with her ambition and industry experience and this shows in the numerous productions she has Directed, produced, art directed and project managed within the film and fashion industries.

"I have always been interested in visual arts and been strong in visual perception and expression, but it wasn't until I was offered an intern role as a concert photographer, that I considered taking my interest to the next level. This happened more than 10 years ago when I was fresh out of secondary school and the music scene in my city was my newly discovered comfort zone. This is the time I made my only application up to date for a formal 3rd level education in Photography. It happened that the conservative assessment board reviewing my portfolio was not impressed by the tattooed rockers who I have pictured in their zone and my application was rejected. I never applied again, but self-taught myself from scratch and soon became the lead photographer of the best alternative music media in my home country Bulgaria - Stroeja.com. Along with that I worked full-time as a Creative Executive in the Bulgarian branch of the international advertising agency GREY.

The last 10 years were a rollercoaster of events that lead me to Dublin. Two kids and one marriage later, way more wiser, way more curious. Put a newly acquired degree in Digital Marketing and a full time job in Accenture Operations on top. A full plate, but not enough. That feeling of being in the flow when I am behind the camera, a discovery made a decade ago, has never left me.

With the desire to pursue my passion, along with the personal trauma of going through a divorce, has organically brought my #YouLookGoodTogether photo project to life. This is a couple photography project intended to bring the value of memories beyond the ordinary to the subjects and also study the invisible space between people where the true bond lies.
I am trying to portray this space that only the heart can see, through capturing the gentleness, strength and unity that grow with love. This project is still a baby - with just around 10 couples having participated and very few pictures released for the public eye thus far. Regardless, the goal is to grow this project to 50 couples by the end of 2020 and finish the next year with a gallery exhibition of the best captures and lectures to deconstruct the theory of the topic. Join me in the process following #YouLookGoodTogether"